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I am so happy with my new jewellery from myJoy. I love my pretty necklace and earrings with the most precious coloured flowers. They are a real statement set that look like designer jewellery. They stay amazing and look so good. Definitely a recommendation to buy.

Claudia Kooij
Dutch influencer -

Why myJoy?

Every piece you see here is hypoallergenic, lead and nickel free, and receives thick layers of gold or rhodium. This means that they stay shiny and bright for many years, which is backed by a warranty.

We only work with high quality brands, who associate high technology to a handmade jewellery finish, ensuring that their quality is higher than the market average.

Our Mission is to capture the most alluring curve on a woman - her smile.

We help every woman to feel beautiful and dare to stand out from the crowd.

Our Vision is to be your top of mind when in need of memorable jewellery to accompany you through every joy and challenge of life.


We want your jewellery to keep in tip-top shape for years to come!

Here are our tips on caring for your myJoy jewellery pieces:

- A good rule of thumb: put your jewellery on last (after makeup, perfume, sunscreen etc.) before you leave home, and take it off first thing when you get home.

- Keep your jewellery away from water, lotions/creams, perfume, sweat and other liquids. If your piece gets wet, wipe it dry. Avoid swimming, bathing or showering with jewelry on. 

- Store your piece individually in a pouch or a ziploc bag. 

- If your piece oxidizes / tarnishes, you can scrub the tarnish away gently with a toothbrush and warm water.

About The Curator

Joyce Cunha

- Founder of myJoy -

There’s no way to tell the story of myJoy without telling about my own journey. 

Since I moved from Brazil to the Netherlands at the end of 2016, I live in a constant process of self-awareness. Getting out of a safe and comfortable life to live the unknown is an incredible adventure, but having my roots pulled out of the ground and not being able to stick them in again for a long time is really scaring.

I am a psychologist, and for more than 25 years I worked in Education area. I thought my mission in life was clear, but then, in the blink of an eye, my husband's work brought our family to this new country and my whole world was shaken.

When I moved, I left a steady and well-paid job, a leadership position for which I was respected, and spent many months without a penny, needing to ask my husband for money even to buy bread. Quite an apprenticeship for those who work since the age of 14 and have always had their own money.

Since then, I have been experiencing a painful and incessant search for the path I want to follow. I have worked as a mystery shopper, academic staff, waitress, sales advisor and photographer in a museum. I found that we can't just do what we like, because sometimes we have to run any business to have our own money. But the fact is that working to survive is not something that feeds my soul, and this feeling of losing a lot by choosing to change countries is dangerous ground.

I had moments when my heart was full of doubts and insecurities. I found myself banging my head against a brick wall trying to find my way (and myself) in this new world. I was in the air for a long time before I finally found my feet and started myJoy.

Thus, myJoy is not only about my name, but also a way of being reminded, every day, of the need to move on until I find what really makes me happy.

Now I work with dreams, feelings, moments, heartbeats and help put a smile on people's faces. Believe me: jewellery has the power to show you who you are, reflects your personality, reveals your state of mind and boosts your self-esteem. 

If you struggle with knowing what your personal style is, or you want one-on-one help to find the best jewellery for a particular outfit, simply send an email for information about receiving a free consultation or hosting a Styling Party.

myJoy's purpose is to find jewellery that suits both you and your lifestyle, and I want you to love what you wear.

Let the jewellery inspires you and also help you find your joy!

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